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The Highest Rated Pregnancy Test Devices on the Market in 2017

When it comes to getting the best pregnancy tests, there are a few important things to consider; the test sensitivity, the simplicity, and how much it costs. For example, brand tests tend to be more expensive and function as expected, while unbranded tests are equally as good, FDA-approved and typically more sensitive than branded tests. Test strips are easily the cheapest of these options, similar to the kind you would find at a doctor’s office or clinic. The one thing these all have in common, is that they all have roughly a 99% accuracy.

Pregnancy test sensitivity.                                         

Some of the most sensitive pregnancy tests out there can detect hCG levels up to the 20mIU/hCG(mIU representing a level of measurement). This value represents what tends to be the most common amount of hCG found in the urinary tract of women who are seven days past ovulation. It is best to have a test sensitivity around this level because if a test is far too sensitive, it may find very low levels of hCG in a woman who is not pregnant. And depending on the intended desire of the user, sometimes a sensitivity that is too low will require a longer waiting period before use, as it will typically detect a hCG level of around 100. In most cases, sooner is better, so the 20 hCG sensitivity level pregnancy tests tend to be the most reliable.

How easy the test is to use.

If you’re going to be paying a handful of money for one these tests, you’re of course going to actually want to know how to use it without producing error. Luckily in modern age it is fairly easy to use pregnancy tests. Most of the time, standard pregnancy tests involve just pointing the tip of the device towards your stream of urine as you pee, with the exception of strip tests, where you will need to urinate in a cup and then dip the strip into the sample. Both methods are equally reliable, but in the case of women who are trying to conceive regularly, it would be more cost effective to purchase the strips, as they come in multiple packs. It is important to note that you should always follow the pregnancy test’s instructions; do not go online to try other methods, stick to the package’s instructions.

Internet pregnancy tests.

While this is not a different style of pregnancy test, the availability of them makes them unique in the sense that you can choose the perfect brand or style of pregnancy test online and produce typically better test results. Although it is important to mention that online-bought pregnancy tend to be more sensitive.

In the end, each of these options is suitable for any users. The main difference is in pricing, and in the knowledge it takes to understand how to use each one properly. To get as accurately as possible, remember that residual hCG can produce faulty results(that slim 1% error that can sometimes happen).…

How To Create A Birth Plan

After the shock and excitement of discovering that either you or your partner is pregnant wears off you may be wondering, what now? Well now comes the planning. After going to the doctor to make sure that you are in fact pregnant and you’ve told everyone that needs to know now you’ll need to begin building a birth plan. In order to ensure that you and your baby experience a happy, healthy birthing you’ll need a detailed plan. The birth of your baby should be a joyous experience one that you’ll have fond memories of. Every birth is unique and therefore there is only so much that you can plan but having a birth plan is still incredibly important. Even if what you’re planning for is somewhat unpredictable! In fact that’s why the plan is so important. Planning your birth out while keeping in mind all the things that could go awry and preparing for those situations is key to a successful birthing experience.


To start creating your birth plan start by looking at examples online. It’s also helpful to begin keeping a journal, especially in your early stages of pregnancy when there isn’t too much else to prepare for. Write down your thoughts, hopes, and wishes surrounding your ideal birth experience. A journal will help to create a list of ideas that highlight your priorities and hopes. Be sure to remain flexible while creating your birth plan as the birth of a baby is an unpredictable occurrence. Trying to plan out and predict every little thing that could happen during labor is only going to cause stress and unrealistic expectations. When you’re starting to create your birth plan do two things; keep a diary and remain open to possibilities.


Reading birthing books and learning about different birthing experiences is also a good idea before you set out to create your birth plan. This will give you some ideas to go off of. Another great way to get started on your birth plan is to ask yourself some questions. Here are some examples of questions that you need to ask yourself when creating your birth plan.

  1. Who would you like to have in the delivery room with you?
  2. Do you want the freedom to move around or would you rather stay in bed?
  3. If you already have children, who will be watching them?
  4. Would you like to have a doula present?
  5. Do you want to listen to any music?
  6. Do you want to take any pain medications?
  7. If not, what are some of the alternate pain relief techniques you’d like to use?

Of course these are just a few examples of the many important questions you’ll need to answer in order to create your birth plan.It’s incredible the amount of books there are out there that aim to help women with their pregnancies. These books can be helpful to creating a birth plan and can be found at most retailers like Barnes & Noble or Half Price Books!


Now keep in mind that when you’re creating your birth plan you may need to include some personal information. Like what hospital you plan on giving birth in, how many children (if any) you have and where they’ll be getting childcare during this time. If you want to keep this kind of information safe from online criminals the best way to do that is with Kaspersky Lab. They offer internet security and antivirus protection services for amazing low prices. Keep your information safe!


When creating your birth plan be sure to ask the right questions, manage your expectations, research all your options, and consult helpful books and/or medical professionals!…

Can The Best Pregnancy Test Really Be Accurate?

Most women are searching for the best pregnancy home test. Going to the doctors every time a woman (who’s trying to get pregnant) misses a period or is late can be a real nightmare and not just for the doctor. Women can be very private and being able to test at home is so important. That is why having tests which are accurate can be extremely important. However, will an at-home test really prove to be accurate?

Can A Home Test Reveal True Results?

If you use a pregnancy kit that isn’t quite good or doesn’t have a good quality rating then it may not offer accurate results. However, having said that, if you use a test that has a proven record of accurate results, it’s more than likely you’ll see an accurate result. You’re going to hear this time and again but in truth, the results from a pregnancy test can be both right and wrong. Accurate results are given in a very high percentage of all tests but again, it’s going to come down to the test being used. The best pregnancy test is vital as it’ll offer accurate results.

Why the Kit You Use Will Make the Difference

Pregnancy testing kits range significantly. There are many different tests available today and that does make it a lot harder for a woman to know which way to turn. However, it is wise to note the test or kit you use could make all the difference. For instance, if you use a standard pregnancy test when you’re only a few weeks gone, the results may not show as yet. That is why the best digital pregnancy test with early detection is one of the better options. With early detection, the results can be more than accurate. It’s very important to remember that when searching for a pregnancy test.

Get the News Confirmed

Let’s be honest, accuracy is a difficult thing to come by for a host of reasons. Now, for the most part, pregnancy tests are pretty positive in their results as they detect certain hormone changes in the body. However, be aware that the time in which you take the test might affect the results. If you use the test when you’re only two or three weeks gone then it may not give the initial results as a pregnancy positive. Sometimes, early detection is difficult in a range of tests which is why you need to double check your results with a doctor, even if you’re using the best digital pregnancy test. This will ensure you don’t get your hopes dashed and you can of course get the news confirmed and get your first scan booked.

Find the Best Pregnancy Test

However, if you are planning to use an at-home test, it’s ideal to find one of the more trusted brands. This is one of the best ways to avoid getting your hopes dashed after a few days and it’s the smartest move too. Buying the best pregnancy home test will allow you to comfortably test at home if you’re expecting. The best testing kits are less likely to throw up a false positive so that’s one reason to buy the best.

Always Be Sure Before Celebrating!

For most, the idea of getting an accurate result at home with a pregnancy test seems strange and there have been many who’ve been given false positives with their tests. That can happen and not just to women who aren’t pregnant. There have been many pregnant women who’ve been given a false negative with some tests and it’s only when they visit the doctor when they find the results. In truth, most pregnancy tests are accurate today but of course, there is still a margin for inconsistencies somewhere. That is why the best pregnancy test is required and as always, a visit to the doctors to confirm the news.

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